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Dog Questionnaire

If you are in Missouri, Arkansas, or Kansas and have a dog in your possession and need rescue help, please fill out the questionnaire below.  


Please include a picture of the dog for breed identification. We'll use this information to decide how best we can help.

Before submitting the questionnaire, please consider the following options for rescue help:

The first option is for us to offer a courtesy listing on our site and Petfinder and list your contact information.  Adopters would reach out to you directly, and you would choose the new home.

The second option would be for us to list the dog on our site and Petfinder, and accept applications on its behalf.  Our volunteers would check adopters' references and make sure they are good adopters.  Then we would send their information over to you to consider and you would choose the best family for the dog.  We would adopt the dog out under our adoption contract and accept an adoption fee for it.  We find that this option works well for dogs since it allows only one transition, and you would get the comfort of choosing the adopters while knowing the dog would always have a home through our rescue.


The third option is bringing the dog into a foster home.  We try to reserve foster homes for dogs in crowded shelters or dogs that are being neglected or abused, but will do our best to help find foster if the situation requires it.

If you know of a dog in a shelter in Missouri, Arkansas, or Kansas, please email us photos of the dog, location, and information to  

If the dog you are seeking assistance for is outside of our area, please visit to find a group in your area.




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