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Become a Foster

Foster volunteers are extremely important to our success. Many rescued dogs are scared & need a safe environment and help in preparing for their new life. 
How do you get a foster dog? First, we ask that you are an approved foster home. This simply involves filling out our online foster application 

A volunteer will come out to your home to meet you and do a quick home visit. Next, when we get information that a dog is in need in a shelter or surrender situation, we assess the dog to get a good idea about his/her ability with other dogs, cats, and fencing. 

For most dogs in shelter situations, we do not know if they are potty trained, house trained, or crate trained. Foster homes need to be prepared for at least some potty training/basic obedience and helping the dog adjust to its new environment. Once it is confirmed that the foster home is available to foster the dog until it is adopted, we will set up transport through our network of volunteers to get the dog to that home. 

From there, the foster home uses our vetting checklist to make sure that all of the dog's vetting is completed, and if more is needed, it should be ok'd through the state coordinator first, and then scheduled at a local vet that is rescue friendly - we have a credit card for payment, which we can do over the phone at time of checkout at the vet. 

The foster keeps a file of the dog's records, which will be copied and given to the adopter at the time of adoption. Foster homes are our greatest link for successful adoptions. We want to make the best match between dog and family, so our foster homes speak with the approved adopters to see if they feel it's a good fit for the dog they are fostering. 

Foster homes also are the best marketers for their foster dogs. 
Foster applications in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas are welcome!


Help Us with Transport


Our rescue covers a large area, not just limited to Arkansas. We receive dogs from shelters in Kansas, Missouri, and sometimes even Oklahoma, as well as dogs in need in Arkansas. 

We need help bringing the dogs to their foster homes.  We do this through the help of volunteers using transporting.  We set up routes between the shelters and the foster homes, and typically each 'leg' of the transport will last about an hour both ways, depending on where the dog is coming from. 

Routes generally go through Tulsa, OK, Kansas City, MO, Joplin, MO, Springfield, MO, St. Louis, MO, Fayetteville, AR, Conway, AR, and Little Rock, AR. 

Transports typically occur during weekends, but can sometimes be needed during the week.

Volunteer at Events

Are you creative?  Do you have free time on the weekends? 


We host fundraising opportunities to help raise donations for the rescue. These opportunities include events like garage sales or adoption events and we always need help organizing and on site help!

Volunteering at events is a great way to introduce people to our organization and our mission. Answer questions; Attend events; help us market our need for adopters, foster volunteers, etc. This does include Saturdays/Sundays.


Assess Dogs and Homes

Volunteers are needed to visit the dogs at the shelters to assess their health and their personality/temperament. If you have experience with GSPs, this would be a great way to volunteer.

Sometimes pictures from shelters can be blurry, and identifying dogs as purebred German Shorthaired Pointer is crucial!

Volunteers are also needed when visiting and assessing potential adopters. Dogs need to go into a good home and assessing homes is necessary for adoption approval.

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

Volunteering for any organization can be a very rewarding experience, but with animal rescue, you know you're helping to save and make lives better!


Thanks for submitting!

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